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2023 Clean & Green Logo Initiative

February 2023, Cleanology Cleaning Company made a pledge to began a journey to operating our small business with an added sense of care and responsibility as it pertains to the health of planet earth.

While the health of our planet is a global concern, our firm is committed to taking on this vital endeavor starting with

the residential homes and businesses we serve daily. 


Our CEO methodically selected the following four actions to implement within our business model throughout the

remainder of 2023 and beyond:

4 Pillars of Cleanology's 2023 Clean and Green Initiative

Repurposing bottles, containers, and plastic shopping bags Initially just ask for clients to donate their used bottles and containers to us. Later, we can Offer a small discount to clients who donate used cleaning bottles & containers - Using Cleaner products & Ingredients 80-90% products - why the 10-20% difference? Our cleaners may have to use bleach, in rare instances, wherein mold, mildew and/or scum is present (most commonly appears in bathrooms or areas with a lot moisture). Even still, we’re committed to creating or locating an eco friendly solution more powerful and effective than pure bleach is on mold, mildew, and thick layers of scum. - Cleaning with reusable Cloths which reduces our use of paper towels - Using reusable carrying bags to transport our supplies - Encouraging & incentivizing Carpooling We try to pair cleaners on assignment when logistically feasible and offer a small cash incentive to the cleaner who drives. We also remind our vendors to use eco mode on their vehicles when applicable. - Relaying heavily upon technology & digital outlets to market and advertise our brand and services We believe that as our organization works tirelessly to grow and scale our brand, our focus, strategies and responsibilities will undoubtedly result in a much longer lists of environmentally sensitive activities, but also it’ll lead to us taking even bolder steps to improve our habits that directly and indirectly contributes to the challenges that threatens and impacts our health and planet. Continue to monitor our website for our latest progress and be sure to join our email list to stay in the know about this and all things Cleanology!

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