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General Information

EFFECTIVE 01/01/2024  LAST UPDATED 02/20/2023
For our clients and vendors convenience, Cleanology accepts the following methods of payment:

CashApp (preferred)

All debit and major credit cards

Business checks (available approved vendors only)

Using CashApp to make a payment

The simplest and quickest way to pay an invoice using CashApp is by using our direct link which is$cleanologycc or by Clicking Here.

Don’t have a CashApp account? Click Here now to sign- up.

When you sign up today you will receive $5 from CashApp after submitting your first payment to Cleanology Cleaning Company. If prompted, enter our unique company code is which is S83TF9Z.

The benefits of using CashApp as a payment method

As a business, CashApp is one of the quickest and affordable way to transfer funds between our our employees, clients, and vendors. In addition, using CashApp for accept payments is essentially the same as cash, your cleaning crew are actually rewarded with same-day pay each time you pay an invoice using CashApp, and our clients who love to pay it forward by tipping their cleaners can use our CashApp payment option to do so in advance or in real-time. 


About using CashApp | Ways to avoid the likelihood of errors and issues with your payments 
When submitting a payment to Cleanology via CashApp, we recommend:

Using our direct link to pay$cleanologycc every time or

Always verify that you’ve entered our unique $cleanologycc handle correctly or

Use our business phone number, (513) 854-6266, to locate our CashApp account

Verify the CashApp account name you see is Cleanology Cleaning Company,  

Verify that the CashApp account profile picture you see is Cleanology Cleaning Company’s official logo


When sending payments using CashApp, there is a “FOR” line. Remember to always enter either your quote/ invoice number next to the “FOR” box OR

enter the property address for which you are requesting and submitting payment for cleaning services. 

Debit and credit cards

Use our official website,, to pay book services and use any debit card or major credit card at the end of to instantly pay and secure your cleaning appointment.

Call our office at (833) 592-5326 during normal business hours to submit a debit or credit card payment over the phone.


Payments made in cash are prohibited including cash tips to your cleaners. Personal Checks are NOT accepted, Business Checks ARE accepted with prior approval from our Accounting Department, and all payments and tips made to Cleanology regardless of method are final.  


When are payment due?


Payments in full are what secures your agreed-upon appointment date and time with Cleanology Cleaning Company otherwise your appointment will be subject to change with or without prior notice. We expect our clients to take care of any balances promptly and well before their appointment date and time. For these reasons, we recommend our clients to book directly online on our website If requests are submitted by phone, email, text, FB messenger, or via any other means other than our website a quote will be generated and once the client approves the quote an invoice will automatically be generated and payment becomes due immediately. Pertaining to quotes and invoice payments only, payments are always due immediately upon receipt of an invoice but certainly no later than 24 hours before any scheduled cleaning appointment.

Terms of our services​


By using Cleanology Cleaning Company our employees, clients, and vendors are thereby agreeing to the content of this entire page and our entire website.


Vacant Cleanings
Property Managers on behalf of their client(s), homeowners, renters who are, have, or will vacate the property to be cleaned agree, hereby referred to collectively as the “Clients” or “Customers” agree to be on-time to provide access to the property scheduled for cleaning.  The clients also agrees to provide access into every room or living common space our cleaners have been previously assigned and authorized to clean.  Properties that are found to not be completely vacant will be treated as an occupied cleaning and our cleaners will clean all agreed upon rooms and common living spaces that, are deemed by our Team managers to be easily and safely accessible and visible to our cleaning crew. Vacant properties are required to ensure utilities including electricity and water remain on and fully operable in order to receive Cleanology's services in a timely manner. Again, all payments to Cleanology Cleaning Company. are final. All questions or any issues with a cleaning we've completed for you should be immediately brought to the attention of Cleanology Company's professional customer representatives immediately. 

Occupied Cleanings 
Property Managers on behalf of their client(s), property owners and/or renters, here by referred to collectively as the “clients” or “customers”, agree to be on-time for their scheduled cleaning appointment. Our clients agree to provide our cleaners with access into the property and access into every room or living common space our cleaners have been previously assigned and authorized to clean. Visit our Book-Online tab to review which rooms and common/ living spaces are included in each service type. Our client agrees to ensure that all utilities including electricity and water are on and fully operable in order to receive their scheduled services on their scheduled date and time. Clients who wish to EXCLUDE certain rooms and/or common living spaces from service agree to provide advance notice to our office and to mention those excluded rooms to your cleaning crew on the day they arrive to service your property. Furthermore, our clients agree to ensure utilities including electricity and water remain on and fully operable in order to receive Cleanology's services in a timely manner.

Cancellation, Rescheduling, and Refund Policies

Our clients acknowledge and agree to provide, at minimum, a three-day advance notice of their request to cancel a scheduled cleaning service appointment per occurrence. Our clients acknowledge and agree to right of Cleanology Cleaning Company. to cancellation any scheduled cleaning appointment at any time, for any client and  for any reason(s), reasons including, but limited to the failure of the client to immediately submit a payment for any and all outstanding quotes or invoices which includes all quotes and invoices not paid-in-full at least 24-hours before the clients scheduled cleaning appointment. 

Clients who need or desire to reschedule a scheduled cleaning appointment and provides, at minimum, a three-day notice are eligible to, but not guaranteed, reschedule for another date and time that is mutually suitable for Cleanology Cleaning Company. and our clients as a one-time courtesy. Clients who cancel short of our required three-day notice of cancellations or failure to provide a cancellation notice at all are not eligible to reschedule without paying the full price of service again for a new appointment. 

Clients acknowledge that all sales payments and tips made to Cleanology Cleaning Company are final. Cleanology agrees to promptly and professional address all customer concerns and complaints as they arise. Our commitment is to get your cleaning done right the first time. Should our cleaners, in our opinion, fail to meet our company high-standards of cleaning and customer service, Cleanology Cleaning Company. will make every reasonable attempt to properly and fairly remedy the issue at hand. 

All pricing, promotions, and advertising for Cleanology Cleaning Company. services and service types are subject to change without additional or prior notice to its employees, clients, vendors, and the general public.

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